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Lime Blue Music specializes in the worldwide management, collection and distribution of Neighbouring Rights, one of the fastest growing revenue streams in music. We represent hundreds of thousands of recordings & know the best ways to collect your royalties, whether you have underground club smashes or international chart hits. If your recordings have been broadcast on radio, TV, in a public place such as a bar or restaurant, or on new media somewhere in the world, then there is revenue waiting for you, and by working with Lime Blue Music you can guarantee to maximise your revenue as we are the leading organization for unclaimed royalty discovery and growth.


With our direct affiliations with collection societies all over the globe, we offer bespoke management of your rights, be it as the master owner (usually the record label), performing artist, or any musician who has contributed to the sound recording.

Navigating the seas of Neighbouring Rights can be treacherous, with money often lost due to poor management and a general lack of understanding of this so called 'new' revenue stream.

What we provide

Personal, efficient and transparent service
Our dedicated team are always on hand for all of your needs. We pride ourselves on our personalised service, depth of knowledge and attention to our clients.
Proprietary data tracking to accurately monitor worldwide activity
Our in-house team of developers are continually updating and improving our specifically designed software for the sole purpose of detecting and claiming the usage of your repertoire.
Artist, label and master owner services, from single releases to bulk catalogues
Whether you're a catalogue owner of thousands or an artist with just a handful of recordings, we're happy to work with you. Our clients include everyone from international record labels to individuals just starting out their careers.
Proactive management against missing revenue and counter claims
Through forensic searches of global revenue streams, we're dedicated to maximising your revenue, and are fast to claim missing royalties at their source, saving you time, and increasing your earnings.
Direct affiliations with collection societies across the globe
Our direct affiliations with over 55 collection societies all around the world means we can register and claim quickly, whilst having the ability to counterclaim at the source of the issue.
Quarterly royalty accounting
We provide detailed, in-depth quarterly statements which are emailed directly to your inbox. Get paid at the click of a button, whilst browsing your detailed reports.

Worldwide management, collection and distribution of

Neighbouring rights income

Web, Tablet and Mobile Reporting, Analytics & Statements

In depth reporting via our bespoke client portal. Check your top tracks, top paying countries, top sources, and more! Browse through and download detailed reports, view historical revenues and get paid at the click of a button.


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